Lettering Materials and Supplies

The materials to get you started

Here are our favorite tools and supplies for hand lettering! 👇


Brush lettering pens and markers

Find the hand lettering tools that make your heart sing

Before we hop into the materials and supplies, here’s something important to remember: the tools do not make the artist.

However—if you find the supplies that work best for you and your lettering style, you’ll have more success. You’ll be more likely to practice and improve your skill with the right materials. You’ll learn and grow faster.

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Overwhelmed by all the choices? We made this just for you ⬇️

Hand Lettering Starter Kits


Minimalist hand lettering starter kit


This is essentially what I started with when I began brush lettering. These tools are higher grade, which will give you a good experience without overwhelming you with products.

Tombow Dual Brush Black Pen

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Rhodia Black Dot Grid Pad

Hand lettering budget-friendly starter kit with crayola markers


This budget-friendly starter kit will get you up and running for a few dollars. Even better? These materials are available at almost any store with an office supply section!

Crayola Supertips Markers

Grid Composition Notebook

Plain Copy Paper

higher quality starter kit for brush lettering beginnres


Want a little more color in your life, but want higher quality pens and paper? This kit builds off of the Minimalist Kit with a seemingly-unlimited pool of colors from Tombow.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Pack

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Rhodia Black Dot Grid Pad

watercolor and ink hand lettering starter kit

Watercolor + Ink

We love the watercolor and ink look! We recommend purchasing two sets of the Pentel Water Brushes, so you can use one set for watercolor and the other set for ink.

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pens

Speedball Super Black India Ink

Watercolor Paper


Pens, Markers, and Brushes

Here are the tools that give you a true brush calligraphy experience. These supplies provide the beautiful thick and thin strokes that are so regaled in the brush lettering community. These supplies include brush pens, markers, and paint brushes.



Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Popular water-based, felt-tip blendable markers with a flexible brush tip in tons of colors.


Tombow Dual – Black

Your favorite Tombow Dual Brush Pen in black x6 for the letterer who loves monochrome.


Tombow Fudenosuke

Fine felt-tip brush pens with odorless and waterproof pigment-based ink.



Pentel Fude Sign Pens

Saturated, blendable, and rich colors in this fine, flexible felt-tip 12 pack.


pentel aquash water brush.jpg

Aquash Waterbrush Pens

Easy-to-squeeze barrels that are perfect for watercolor brush lettering and art.


Crayola Super Tips

A perfect budget-friendly option that works surprisingly well for brush lettering.


zebra disposable brush pen.jpg

Zebra Fude Brush Pen

Felt tip with a lush black color that is perfect for brush letterers and calligraphers on the go.


sharpie brush tip.jpg

Sharpe Brush Tip

An alcohol-based, quick-drying permanent marker for unusual surfaces.


Ink and Watercolor

Watercolor calligraphy is so popular—because it’s so beautiful! Here are our favorite watercolor and ink supplies for hand lettering.


waterproof palette airtight leakproof.jpg

Leakproof Watercolor Palette

This palette travels well, and is air-tight. Fill it with your favorite colors.


winsor newton cotman watercolor pocket box.jpg

Winsor & Newton Watercolor Set

Our absolute favorite brand of watercolors in an affordable set of half pans.


michaels artist's loft watercolor pan set.jpg

Artist’s Loft Watercolor Pan Set

The perfect affordable alternative for a watercolor newbie.


speedball super black india ink.jpg

Speedball Super Black India Ink

The blackest black liquid ink we can find. A must-have for ink lovers.


higgins eternal ink.jpg

Higgins’ Eternal Black Ink

A black ink that isn’t so saturated so it can be blended with watercolor.


washable paint rags.jpg

Washable and Reusable Paint Rags

Avoid using disposable paper towels. Invest in some paint rags.


ceramic watercolor mixing palette.jpg

Ceramic Mixing Palette

A high quality mixing palette, great for if you want to avoid plastic.


round watercolor brush.jpg

Round Watercolor Brushes

Round brushes for watercolor or gouache in multiple sizes.


Paper and Notebooks

Yes, you can literally use any paper you have in your house already—but here are some notebooks and specialty paper that will help you with special pens and such.


rhodia dot grid black pad.jpg

Rhodia Dot Grid Pad

Super smooth paper in various sizes, perfect for brush lettering newbies.


rhodia graph paper pad.jpg

Rhodia Graph Paper

Our favorite paper in graph form, which provides more guidance for brush lettering practice.


strathmore tracing paper.jpg

Tracing Paper

Perfect for practicing over a slanted calligraphy guide or to trace other work.


canson watercolor paper.jpg

Watercolor Paper

Great for watercolor brush lettering and lettering with ink. Doubles as greeting card paper!


quad rule composition notebook.jpg

Quad Rule Composition

Practice doesn’t have to be done on expensive paper! Perfect budget-friendly option.


copy paper.jpg

Copy Paper

Do your brush lettering work on basic paper—it goes a long way! No need to be super fancy.


canson marker paper.jpg

Marker Paper

Semi-transparent and super-smooth, this will give you a buttery lettering experience.


astrobrights black cardstock.jpg

Black Cardstock

Beautiful black cardstock perfect for metallic pens for a unique and vibrant look.


Accessories and Organization

These items will take your lettering to the next level, especially if you’re working with multiple tools or multiple sheets of paper.




Create multiple iterations of your work or use it for practice with multiple layers of paper.


inking triangle.jpg

Acrylic Triangle

A 30/60 inking-edge triangle helps you create consistent angled calligraphy guides



Washi Tape

Working with multiple sheets of paper? Use washi tape to hold your work without damage.


pen roll.jpg

Pen Roll

Keep your pens and markers organized and stored in this travel-friendly pouch.


iPad Lettering and Bullet Journaling

Procreate all day, every day. We love iPad stuff SO much. Whether you’re hand lettering in Procreate, or taking notes in GoodNotes or Notability in a digital bullet journal, here are the things you’ll need.


ipad pro 2020.jpg

Apple iPad Pro 11”

The 4th generation iPad Pro loved by so many letterers across the world.


apple pencil 2nd generation.jpg

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

The pencil charges when snapped to the iPad Pro and has a lovely texture.


anti glare screen protector ipad.jpg

Matte Screen Protector

Anti-glare and easy to install, perfect for a paper-like feel for writing and lettering.


apple ipad case.jpg

iPad Pro Case

A slim fitting, magnetized case to protect your investment. Fits iPad 11″ 2020 version.




The number 1 recommended app for digital brush lettering. Brushes galore!




Our favorite app for digital bullet journaling—it has great note organization.


goodnotes 5.jpg

Goodnotes 5

A popular note taking app for digital bullet journaling and digital planning.