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Testing my watercolor travel palette with brush lettering

LetteringLeague is one of the leading online sources of applied content relating to lettering, handwriting, calligraphy and digital applications. We help over 200,000 people each year, across our various mediums, to learn and improve their skill with weekly articles.

Our articles provide step by step guides to enable beginners to get on the lettering ladder, and we also provide a range of examples of the end art to provide inspiration to more skilled letterers.

Our core categories of articles are:

1. Lettering

2. Calligraphy

3. Handwriting

4. Digital

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Archie James

Archie is an experienced calligrapher and lettering fanatic, who has developed his skill for the last 9 years. Having honed his skill part-time as a hobby, Archie developed his lettering love into a career – building graphics, logos and more, via physical and digital applications of calligraphy and lettering. 

Sophie Elens

Sophie is also a highly skilled calligrapher and letterer, having perfected her skill with tattooing. A skilled designer in Procreate, Sophie will help you transform your physical designs into digital masterpieces to give you extra flexibility. 


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